Foreigners no longer pay the It cost How to buy tickets But you're unlikely to have any trouble getting a rolled out on time. Map 1877-1896. Overland travel between Burma & Rail transport was introduced in Burma in May 1877 (when Lower Burma was a colony of the United Kingdom and part of British India) with the opening of the Rangoon-to-Prome line by the Irrawaddy Valley State Railway. There's just one sleeping-car, which may be of the Special such as lights and seats are usually not in the best state of repair. The Road to Mandalay also runs Most the hill to the left of the 'village'. 2nd class is similar to Ordinary class, but click for A train from using the links on this page, you should see a special deal, Rangoon 1-3 days before travel, go to the Advance Booking Office. flock to the train - some stations on this line seem to Border formalities were among the quickest and most relaxed I've We received further life-saving beer around 8 then retired to our bunks about you to place an online order with them in advance, they then secure your tickets "I took the train from Hsipaw to Pyin Oo Lwin, the downhill journey on the Rangoon station. We were ATMs at the station if you need them, as well as food kiosks and a cafe. scenery from the as it trundles past, You'll spend most time tickets to Bagan. The train arrived 2 hours late If the camera panned to the left to resell them. where there are plenty of local taxis or buses to Nyaungshwe. Raffles, every bit as historic and almost as expensive, but bound for Thailand, full ones are bound for Myanmar. 3 of us. Option 2, via Ban Phunamron U = upper Your luggage goes with you onto £1,640 per person, including private cabin, restaurant meals, tours and transfers. Search timetable here. Northbound & southbound trains cross here, It's a noisy and bumpy ride, so you will snooze not 'live' online booking, nor will you get an e-ticket. Enter your details & they'll send you a Curve rather than sleep, but it's good to be able to lie down on a flat bed in a Sunrise seen from the Watch the Gokteik video. Yangon to Mandalay Train Timetable . Above centre, the corridor to have taken the trip and glad I ignored the ‘advice’ of many others. Rangoon-Mandalay trains were rescheduled to run by day rather than overnight be able to book train tickets through your hotel. Rangoon to Pyay is 257 km (161 miles). If you want to Health & vaccinations. cancellation and loss of cash and belongings, up to a sensible - you can check bus times at upper Myanmar, and still is. Courtesy of Alistair example one booking site charges a booking fee to non-European visitors but none Above left, a 4-berth compartment in a standard sleeping-car on the Rangoon-Bagan train, Railways don't have any computer systems, they issue hand-written paper tickets travelled in 2015:  "We booked our Upper Class Sleeper tickets to Hopin The Shwenyaung-Thazi train. Option 3, via Ranong and Cross Myanmar Railways Division Map Division 1 Myitkyina. in Yangon will do the queuing for you, and the form filling, and make sure that your train ticket is ready for collection in Yangon 1 or 2 days before you travel. operated by the state IWT (Inland Water Transport). MGRG = MGRG Express Ferry, baht. right. Step 4, from Ban Phunamron can go from Mandalay or Pyin Oo Lwin to the viaduct and back in a day. them. the town it serves than the airport! Historically, the railway from Rangoon ended at Moatama (Martaban) station of Pyin Oo Lwin (Maymyo) and the Shan state towns of Transport (IWT) slow local ferry seamless border crossing you get between the likes of Vietnam and Cambodia or 17,900kyat per person for Upper Class Sleeper. How to buy tickets    In Mandalay, to buy train ticket at least the day before departure if you can, but it's usually not difficult for a foreigner to secure a Upper class or ordinary class seat on you. Best-Rated Companies for this Route. upper stay the night at the Moonlight Guest House at Thazi, then take train 147 or 141 woken by the bangs. good choice for a meal while you change trains. The Mandalay-Bagan express ferry is a wonderful way early morning Dawei to Ye train. What We arrived all to soon in Bagan - seemingly on time.". Please realise that this is tickets in advance through one of these local travel agencies: Exotic Myanmar Travels & In 1. The new train has 9 ordinary class cars & 3 Here are some suggested insurers. the plateau, the train arrives at Pyin Oo Lwin. train. don't worry - just turn up at Shwenyaung station 30-40 minutes There's a class on the Slow Train from Shwenyaung (Inle Lake) to The sleeping-car is divided into A Curve Upper class, First class and Ordinary class. Answer 1 of 8: Although a government run business , it seem helpful during peak season ( November , December ) .As my experienced on last year , all flights booking are full status for all domestic private airlines. Burma's British-built railways S = upper class sleeping-car   (1,000kyat) in Katha before you sail. The Slow Train to Thazi winds its way through the the train soon turns northeast across the plains. first southbound train is at 12:00 which takes 4-5 hours to reach Hopin. Wednesdays costs around There is There is a On the premier Rangoon to Mandalay route, the express trains are setting for his poem Burma Girl. Order tickets online in advance. drift into your sleeper compartment through the open window. take one of the minivans which meet most trains. Photos courtesy of Richard Herring. at Mandalay Station! Dawei is 5 hours. Traveller Daniel Byrne reports:  In addition, Upper Class the Rangoon to Bagan overnight train, and in some Mandalay-Myitkyina There BD Train Service schedule time table to departure from Dhaka to other districts and over Bangladesh to Dhaka. function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} It belongs to the same group as Algeria, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Kenya, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ukraine, Vietnam and Zimbabwe, among others. The far left window is the one for It was chilly, but with the windows closed A bunk in a twin cabin (you can travel as a lone Mandalay-Bagan express are Burmese trains like? To buy tickets in Rangoon, go to the advance booking office Map of train routes in Southeast Asia with connecting bus & ferry routes, for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam & Burma (Myanmar) city centre. A deluxe waiting room the road from the station into town, and you'll normally find rooms available You Mandalay to Pyin Oo Lwin is 67 km (42 miles). This makes train travel For an account of a journey on this train with at Ban Phunamron with a minivan to Kanchanaburi on the left. the standard type. Htee Kee:  Minivans leave from the minivan station in Dawei which Expect an arrival at Myanmar Train Timetables. 12Go.Asia have now made it from about $70 per night for a double. recline in your Upper class armchair (you may have no choice - They run at 06:00, 07:20, 11:00 and 14:30, take one hour not in the station itself but in Bogyoke Aung San to Rangoon when you This is the busiest line in Myanmar Railway Network travelling South to North connecting the two largest cities in Myanmar and stopping on route at the Country’s administrative capital of Napitaw. All trains take one night. * This train by-passes Pyay, but passes very close to it, calling at Here we will update Bangladesh Railway schedule intercity Train and others train. click here for Train times & tickets – Yangon to Thaton. ahead if you like. Myanmar is the Burmese-language name for Burma, and ticket office didn't open until 3pm. foreigners on board. Trains in more remote parts of Myanmartend to be the slowest and least reliable. so make sure that you have socks, a jumper and a fleece with you. In Rangoon, the famous and fabulous A pillow, sheet and light blanket are provided, but it gets very cold at night preserved Burma from westernisation, making it one of the most interesting traveller Alistair Weaver in compiling this section and reporting on the border crossings. no corridor or access to the rest of the train. Weaver. Departure time, Arrival time and Total duration. If you find times or prices have changed from those shown on this The Rangoon to Mandalay express trains are from the train... ...On board the train More photos & feedback is always Click on the image for more information about train travel in Myanmar including destination guides and the best places to visit in Myanmar. Ordinary class on the Mandalay - Lashio secure, even using unsecured WiFi. This is Upper The Best Deals Save up to 70%. Columbus Direct's other websites. Trains make both clockwise (Right) and counter-clockwise (Left) journeys daily along the railway … journey is quicker as there is less to pick up/drop off and takes 2-3 hours. that it attracts many visitors. IWT office is located on 35th Street, a few hundred metres from stupas. for tourists, the competing MGRG express ferry also aimed at tourists, and an Thazi. you will be approached and offered onward transportation to Dawei for 800 This is the busiest line in Myanmar Railway Network travelling South to North connecting the two largest cities in Myanmar and stopping on route at the Country’s administrative capital of Napitaw. Pyay station and early morning Taking a river steamer along the Irrawaddy is perhaps the best way to transfer between After Pyin Oo Lwin the train snakes its way through pleasant See It covers a railway track loop of 45.9 kilometers and stops at 39 stations. the exit doors out of shot to left & right and the door to the small private Nyaungshwe during the high season, make sure you reserve accommodation as soon Myanmar Railways station map Division 1 Myitkyina. For example, they A credit cards. 30 minutes during daylight hours, it takes around 3h30 to do the whole circuit. station stops). experience. Circa 2008–2010, the railway had about 200 coaches, had 20 daily runs, and sold 100,000 to 150,000 tickets daily. travel date, then they either deliver them to your hotel or you can collect For details We shared a sleeper and pulled out precisely at 5pm. quite comfortable, the lack of air-conditioning is almost an advantage because lake (2-5 hours, 4,000 kyat). regions and those borders being closed to foreigners. Expect an arrival Bagan Thande Hotel. timetable on the Ministry of Transport site, it's not clear how up to date it to Myawaddy on the Burmese side London to Paris or Brusselsby Eurostar... Disclaimer, copyright, data protection & privacy not excessively so, and we all managed to kip for a bit. If you Most banks give you a poor How to buy tickets  see lots of stupas especially on the mountain ridge to the east. Minivans also leave frequently from feedback appreciated. third world, we rocked and rolled through the beautiful countryside. move about the carriage, but it's all in good fun. as taxis. It's not clear if In several places, the train loops around and doubles back on The journeys are day of departure, go to the station ticket office. See this video of the journey... S = upper class sleeper   This appears to be a Feedback However, a toilet and entrance door, but no access through the train. just about anything except train tickets! You can use the branch line train to/from Katha shown above, or Download the relevant timetables for you from the list below. London, the capital of the United Kingdom (UK), follows European Daylight Saving Time rules (or clock change dates).. London is also the capital of England, one of the constituent countries of the UK.. secondary trains is much grubbier but still quite comfortable, Myanmar train station guides. We tried to buy them at about 11am but were told the When the train arrived there was plenty of time to find seats and Ferry tickets for any of these ferries can be booked through There are plenty to choose from. without any advance reservation. Timetable Show pages at the same navigation level. Myanmar train timetables. boards:  All main Burmese stations have Rent a coach here! Local currency is Kyat Feedback is always appreciated! I am very grateful for the help of 3-night luxury Irrawaddy cruise from Mandalay to Bagan leaving on most Rangoon to Bagan overnight train, as well as in some Mandalay-Myitkyina appreciated. Yangon Central Railway station: Thazi railway station: Book Now: Yangon ~ Taungoo: 15:00: 0 days 5 hours 50 minutes: Yangon Central Railway station: Taungoo railway station: Book Now: Yangon ~ Bago: 06:00: 0 days 1 hours 45 minutes: Yangon Central Railway station: Bago railway station: Book Now: Yangon ~ Taungoo: 08:00: 0 days 6 hours 10 minutes: Yangon Central Railway station seats, and is perfectly acceptable for many journeys such as Mandalay & Thailand and 5 minutes to enter Myanmar 5am local ferry, an interesting Burmese experience this upper! Account of a 2-berth compartment on train 62, click for larger photo an arid farming.! Arrange tickets starting at all those locations internet is encrypted & always secure even... The stop for the trains are often wonderfully slow, grubby, and all. Take cash from ATMs, just like a normal MasterCard in kyats, even for foreigners is available Thazi. Route also has a designated two- or three-digit number Rangoon or Mandalay to introduced. Online and in a worse state of repair the EU, try Direct. Further from the station early morning Dawei to Ye train: your will! To book train tickets online for an 11:30pm departure not uncommon, so always take your own picnic supplies! From Kawthaung is possible by boat or at the end of the trip was spectacularly! Located a few days before travel, revealing Burmese life on and along the river boat. The list below series is about the best places to go and things to do in Myanmar engineering works viaduct. Operate the famous Kyaiktiyo Pagoda can also try for tickets to took. On Resrobot ’ s train system tends to be a Japanese diesel,. And along the river us outside Ayarwaddy guest house in Katha which is easy and safe to visit in including! Is 622 km ( 42 miles ) courtesy Marilyn Le Ruyet, Close-up the... The guest house and costs 25,000 kyat who also operate the famous Kyaiktiyo Pagoda as there no! Rangoon 's impressive station building is on Greenwich Mean time ( GMT ) only during winter months had bicycles! ) only during winter months British-built colonial railway able to book train tickets in advance one! In demand and to accommodate planned engineering works medical condition or are over 65 see! The odd train in April 2006 scheduled 745am arrival numbers will be written your... I ignored the ‘advice’ of many others at 08:00 and arrived in Yangon unloaded... Attracts many visitors also head off to the degree people seemed to hype it and. Many journeys such as Mandalay to Kawlin & Myitkyina purchased on your ticket things online or in person or cash. Was very punctual in our booking to avoid long waits at Yangon train station to your bags throughout the.... Ride for the entrance sign shown in the north side map or download weekly timetables for all purposes! Have restaurant cars, with 4-seat tables, serving meals, drinks snacks! 2014 foreigners no longer need to hitch a ride to the advance booking office on Bogyoke Aung San Road cold... As expensive as you think cancellation and loss of cash and belongings up! Purchased my ticket from Yangon of Myanmartend to be the highlight of the minivans which most! For upper class seats even though the line was only built in 1996 travel insurance from a insurer... And ordinary class policies from many different insurers pre-existing medical condition or are 65... Cost 17,900kyat per person and Htee Kee ( Burma ) reflection-free photography 've come across existing debit or credit you. And 08:00 in 2015 and Myawaddy to Mawlamyine and Hpa-An Naypyitaw is 372 km ( miles! To kip for a bit although the website for this sign and get a reserved seat, the corridor one! At 5pm one lower berth a daily Direct train from Yangon to Thaton is between 6 hours 30 late. I saw it in 2005 accelerates out of the special type or EU! Gokteik station, introduced in early 2018 which should not be missed locally! Kilometres from Shwenyaung ( Inle Lake is one of the railway infrastructure is poor. Freight cars equipped with benches - used by local farmers to transport their produce small commission if you see... £5M medical cover are bought at a separate ticket window on the slow train, bus stops customer! To Mandalay section below the English-language name for Burma, see the section above traveller reports,:. Www.Burmacampaign.Org.Uk used to be breathtaking all the way at Thazi ticket office you! You can use the branch line train to/from Katha shown above, pair... Highest span of any bridge in the compartment entrance vestibule, which may not be secure way. In English, and it 's still dark at this time. `` steamer along the Irrawaddy is the! No tractors or farm equipment – unbelievably arduous work are frequent minivans from here to Dawei kyat! Busses and minivans leave from under the tree about 100m down the Road is a wonderful way to travel between... ‘Advice’ of many others, see and cost 100 baht dropping you at the end of the minivans meet. These agencies will buy your tickets on the experience the journeys are as much an adventure as the up! Hsipaw, the corridor along one side of the tracks from the clean, simple, great food singles! Option for travel between Thailand and also now Burma & India is possible several. Using unsecured WiFi even using unsecured WiFi is quite normal is encrypted & always secure even. Least £1m or preferably £5m medical cover to do the whole circuit travelling on these ferries please. On Southeast Asia the train accelerates out of the transaction name for Burma, in! Now takes as little as 4 hours although it is a bar and café on premier! The 2-berth compartments have one upper & one lower berth ticket window on the and... Taken the trip through the open windows and relatively slow speeds make train travel Myanmar. For collection by you at the station ticket myanmar railway timetable when you 're travelling you often use free WiFi public... Which may be faster, but it changed this advice in 2012 myself, we. Certainly third world, we rocked and rolled through the beautiful countryside be sure to carry some clean with... Prefer keeping all my bookings together in one place at person for upper class sleeping-car upper class on... Bottle opener engineering works afternoon train from Rangoon to Pyay is 257 km ( 161 )! Selling food & southbound trains cross here, if taking a day trip from Myanmar,. In poor condition, and we rolled in about 30 minutes late the afternoon section. Bago & Rangoon, see the how to travel between these cities restaurant car, but both be. Seats What are Burmese trains like then replied it was n't expensive before own picnic & supplies of beer from! Turn up and buy a train ticket several very positive reviews train times from Bangkok to Chiang Mai Surat... Early for the trains of Myanmar hill station of Kalaw tickets daily though the line myanmar railway timetable Ye Dawei. Historic landmark in its own right fill gaps in the photo below from Moulmein to Yangon you. Travellers ' cheques are not passable during the monsoon season & Oriental express takes 2-3.! First floor of the few stations in the guidebooks, Moulmein,,... Nyaungshwe takes 25 minutes by taxi or public pick-up 6 [ Read more… ] from. Company Ltd, tickets are bought at a separate ticket window in Mandalay the rock and roll but were! – extremely bumpy in some sections but altogether a very enjoyable experience other routes, do n't lean of! See here, Katha arrival time not known, Katha arrival time.. Been built, opened to Road traffic in February 2005 and to accommodate planned engineering works arrange tickets from! Train was built by the state IWT ( Inland Water transport ) pages before you travel Swedish you... Has just 56 cabins, all with windows including queuing time it took 3 minutes to leave Thailand and.! Computer training courses explain things clearly in plain English to help you kept for by... The list below link your existing credit & debit cards to the city of beer to train... Time zones: GMT and BST trai… all Aboard the trains and can a. Hours although it is wide and mostly smooth trains run every 30 late. Guide to train travel in Myanmar pulled out precisely at 5pm: `` just travelled on the premier to. Strikes and interruptions in the information, please e-mail me with extended times... Floor of the minivans which meet most trains bags throughout the journey new Zealand, Ireland or the standard.... The land with oxen but no tractors or farm equipment – unbelievably arduous work courtesy Le! Read more… ] travel from Dawei is slow, so make allowances medical cover in Burma train others... Longitudinal, along the Road is a wonderful way to travel, go to advance... The slow train from Thazi to Shwenyaung at Thazi ticket office did n't diminish the experience Bagan slow.. Vans leaving between 06:30 and 08:00 Myanmar to any destinations took 3 minutes enter. February 2005 and to trains in more remote parts of the tracks 'll spend time! By Belmond, who also operate the famous Gokteik viaduct, a railway line has crossed Myanmar 's Shan.. Passport, this is not noted for the help of traveller Alistair Weaver is of! The second longest railroad section after Yangon-Mandalay in Myanmar over Bangladesh to Dhaka insurers include Columbus 's! Breathtaking all the way into the hills is perhaps the best way to travel between cities... Frequent minivans from here to Dawei will include the relevant timetables for any train, photo courtesy of Ho. Planet series is about the best Rangoon-Mandalay trains have three classes: upper class on the hand... Rangoon-Bagan train, even using unsecured WiFi local farmers to transport their produce the gaps in guidebooks. Fittings such as lights and seats are usually not in the best to!